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Chat 2 Win - Tickets to Cars 2 in IMAX 3D

Chat 2 Win - Tickets to Cars 2 in IMAX 3D

Start limbering up your fingers! This Chat 2 Win is a 12-hour long chat party -- from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 22!

Pop in throughout the day and see what we're talking about -- it could be anything: the heat, summertime fun, our favorite ice cream -- there's no set agenda!

In the spirit of the C2W, we ask that a user's entry be in the spirit of the conversation, not be a response to a previous post of the same user (in other words, don't answer yourself) and should foster conversation amongst users of the site.  If you're new to the site, just jump into the conversation! Don't worry if it seems like others in the chat already know each other.

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Social Media Day 2011 comes to News10

SACRAMENTO, CA - Join in on the Social Media Day celebration at News10 co-hosted with SacTweetUp.

Social Media Day is a global celebration of the tools that enable everyone to connect around the world -- including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Skype and others. 

June 30, 2011 is this year's date and people all over the world will be celebrating through meetups, virual events and parties.


In Sacramento, you can participate in the Social Media Day fun by joining News10 and SacTweetUp at noon. 

Have a Need for Speed?

Have a Need for Speed?

Do you like to go fast?  Do you like to watch others go fast?  Well, there is a way to do that without causing major damage to yourself and others or running afoul of law enforcement.  Local race tracks across the country offer the car enthusiast  many opportunities to satisfy your need for speed.  Whether it be sports car rally racing, dirt track and asphalt circuit racing or drag racing, there is usually a nearby track hosting an event to suit your favorite type and level of competition. 

Local racing clubs and associations like the West Coast Pro Gas Association provide weekend racers with a safe and sanctioned place to race.  They often offer prizes in the form of parts and sponsorships in addition to cash, trophies and bragging rights.  The entry requirements are usually minimal as they are scaled to meet the hobby racer's budget and expertise to make it possible for many racers to compete safely, no

Be an Iron Girl in the Lake Tahoe South Shore Triathlon

Be an Iron Girl in the Lake Tahoe South Shore Triathlon

The second annual Athleta Iron Girl Lake Tahoe South Shore Triathlon features a breathtaking backdrop to enhance your event experience.

Not only will you accomplish your personal goals, but you can also brag to your friends that you did an event in two states in one day. This event starts with a swim in California and transitions to a bike and run in Nevada.

Event amenities include post race catered breakfast café, shirts sized for women, personalized race bibs, custom finisher medals and much more.

Register now and receive $25 off registration. Hurry, this offer ends on July 20th. Use the following coupon code at checkout: CCIGLTAP

Content provided by press release from Active.com 

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Check out News10's new cars

Check out News10's new cars

News10's reporters will soon be cruising your neighborhood, but it won't be in the red cars.  That's right. Our news units now have a new look.

If you see one, wave and let us know what you think with the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" sign.

Do you like the new look? (give us your answer in the Comments section below)

MomsLikeMe Father's Day Photo Contest winner

MomsLikeMe Father's Day Photo Contest winner

MomsLikeMe user DomesticGoddess11 won the site's Father's Day Photo Contest with this photo of her husband and children tubing last winter.

Here is the tribute she posted:

My favorite "Dad" is my husband. He's a very serious man at work but will clown around for his children. He's been a true dad by wiping their bottoms as babies through giving them piggie back rides to bed. Spoils them by giving them macaroni and cheese when they ask for it, give them their bath and actually plays with them, gives them their bedtime milk and tucks each one in bed. Even after a long day at work, he'll bring muffins or ice cream bars just to surprise them. Most of all, he loves them and I know my children feel their father's love. What more can a wife want but see a strong bond between father and children.

Kick off El Dorado's Tour de Mourvedre with News10

Kick off El Dorado's Tour de Mourvedre with News10

Mark your calendars!  News10’s next Wine & Tweet will be June 29… and this time it’s going to be even bigger.

Kick off the Tour de Mourvedre in El Dorado Hills with News10 and the California Welcome Center at News10's  wine and tweet.  

 The Tour de Mourvedre is July 1 to 4, but on June 29, you’ll get to taste the wine before everyone else.

Newborn murder gets Rancho Cordova woman 25-to-life

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Rancho Cordova woman who gave birth to a baby and then drowned the infant has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Kristen Gibson was previously found guilty of first-degree murder and assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily injury in the July 9, 2008, death of her newborn.

According to court documents, after Gibson gave birth to a full-term baby boy in the toilet of her Rancho Cordova home, she cut the infant's umbilical cord and then drowned him in the toilet.

Gibson was sentenced by Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael P. Kenny.

Damon Wayans Jr. at Tommy T's - June 17, 2011

The very funny and very talented comedian and actor Damon Wayans Jr.-- who appears in the hit ABC series "Happy Endings"-- joined us today to talk about his much-anticipated appearances at Tommy T's Comedy Club.

Damon Wayans, Jr.
Tommy T's
June 17 - June 19
Call for show times
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova
(916) 357-5233

Are You a Leader Who Loves the Water? Become a Summer Coxswain!

Are You a Leader Who Loves the Water?  Become a Summer Coxswain!

If you love spending time on the water and enjoy leading a team of sports enthusiasts, consider volunteering your time this summer as a coxswain for the Sacramento State Aquatic Center’s Adult Master Rowing program! 

No experience or equipment is necessary and, once properly trained, you’ll be in charge of motivating the group during practice, steering the boat and communicating drills and exercises throughout the row.  It’s a fun way to learn the fundamentals of rowing and be an integral part of a team while surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of Lake Natoma.  Find out more about volunteering as a much-needed coxswain this summer -- teens and adults welcome! 

The team practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 7-9 a.m.   If you're interested, email lakenatomarowing@gmail.com.   It's a fun, refreshing and rewarding way to spend your time this summer!