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Heroic tree trimmer reunites treed cat with 5-year-old girl

Heroic tree trimmer reunites treed cat with 5-year-old girl

SACRAMENTO - A tree trimmer became a local hero Friday morning after rescuing a little girl's best friend from a 40-foot pine tree.

Little  Bella Cantori's cat Duchess had been missing for about five days when neighbor JoAnn Iverson and her husband were out on a walk Wednesday.

"We were walking by the condominium complex and a woman asked if we knew how to get a cat out of a tree because it had been up there for a week," said Iverson.

Iverson said she called the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, who directed her to Animal Control, who in turn directed her to the Sac Metro Fire Dept.

"The fire department came out Wednesday night and tried everything they could to get the cat," Iverson said.

Buddy ~ Man's Best Friend!

Buddy ~ Man's Best Friend!

Picture of my dog Buddy and myself. Buddy is a hungarian vizsla with a splash of rhodesian ridge-back and he is a sweetheart ! Not much of a guard dog though ! Buddy is 2 years old. When I take him for a walk , he will jump and bite into the leash , so it feels like he is walking me instead of the other way around!

Dog lovers defend pit bulls as breed

SACRAMENTO, CA - A pit bull attack that left a woman in Stockton dead Thursday has re-ignited a debate about the breed: Is their reputation for violence deserved?

STORY: Woman killed in apparent pit bull attack in Stockton ID'd

Owners of American Staffordshire Terriers competing at Cal Expo's Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show will tell you their dogs are often mistaken by the public for pit bulls, so they're intimately aware of the public scorn for pit bulls.

That's especially true for Richard Chatigny. After years of raising Amstaffs and other dogs, he and his wife adopted a pit bull named Sadie.

"She's the calmest. She's the most obedient. She's the most accepting of anybody and everybody. She's a great ambassador," Chatigny said of Sadie.

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Brutus, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, seeks his true love and future baby mama -- and his owner, Dennis Creter of Rancho Cordova, is hoping a News10.net viewer has the perfect mate for Brutus!

"He's my mother's pet.  She's in a nursing care facility, and I have him now.  I hope to find true love for Brutus, and keep one of his Chihuahua puppies!"

Dennis says Brutus has no pedigree... just lots of love!

"I hope to find him a mate and keep one of his puppies," explains Dennis. "Brutus loves people, but he needs another dog as his companion."

News10.net viewers who have a potential mate for Brutus may post her photo as a Facebook comment at the end of this story.

Brutus seeks true love -- and Dennis wants his puppy!