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Pet adoption can cost a lot more than you might think

People often talk about "adopting" when they refer to pets, but it really is a purchase, as heartless as that may sound.

And it must be preceded by more research and reflection than many other major buying decisions. After all, you're talking about a living creature. Important considerations include from whom to buy or adopt and how much owning a pet really costs.

While it can be costly to own cats or dogs, there's more demand for bred puppies - which can cost thousands of dollars - and a greater chance of questionable sales practices. That's why we're focusing on dogs here.

Jay Levine, a veterinarian who volunteers with law enforcement on animal cruelty investigations, says he's seen terrible cases of dog breeders mistreating dogs. He recommends consumers strongly consider shelters and rescue groups but says there are "thousands of very reputable breeders" who care about dogs' welfare.

VIDEOS: Baby snow leopards recorded first time ever

MONGOLIA - For the first time ever, the den sites of two female snow leopards and their cubs have been located and videos of the cubs have been recorded, said scientists from Panthera, a wild cat conservation organization, and the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT).

Researchers have been trying for decades to study the snow leopards secretive lives, but the animal's elusive nature and the extremely treacherous landscape they inhabit makes tracking them nearly impossible.

Until now.

PHOTO: Baby snow leopards

The discovery provides invaluable insight into the life story of the snow leopard, SLT researchers said.

Reunion Picnic & Fundraiser ~ Second Chance Cocker Rescue Invites YOU!

Reunion Picnic & Fundraiser ~ Second Chance Cocker Rescue Invites YOU!




WHEN:                                             Saturday, June 23rd

TIME:                                                11:30am - 3:00pm

WHERE:                                           El

Pet of the Week- Kittens!!!

Pet of the Week- Kittens!!!

Here at the Sacramento SPCA, cat/kitten season is in full swing!

We have lots of fun purrsonalities to fit your lifestyle!

Edmund (featured above) is a 9 week old black kitten with a lot of spunk! He loves to explore and his itching to find out all about you. He also has a brother named Cleveland!

Cost: $80 (includes vaccination, spay/neuter and micro chip)

Buy one, get one half-off when you buy TWO!

Check out all of our cats and kittens online at www.sspca.org

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

Last month News10 My Neighborhood gave a shout out to our communities and ask you to send us a picture of a child reading to a pet. The pictures were then put into our photo gallery article and the names were submitted into our random drawing, where the winner was to receive a prize.

PHOTOS: Kids Reading to Pets

This contest was part of News10's Reading Connects campaign, which is our effort at improving the literacy rate in our area.

Research has shown that children's reading skills improve when they read to their pets, hence the inspiration for this contest.

The winner of our "Kids Reading to Pets" sweepstakes contest random drawing was Jill, who submitted a picture of her son, Devin, reading to his dog, Jake.

Devin was around a year old when the