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Job Seekers and Meals on Wheels | Business

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Job Seekers and Meals on Wheels
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Job Seekers and Meals on Wheels

Active Job Seekers of America (AJSA) will be volunteering at Meals on Wheels this Wednesday. Last month over 15 Active Job Seekers from Auburn, Folsom, & Roseville groups helped prepare meals for seniors in the Greater Sacramento Area. We prepared over 100 frozen meals. Assembled 540 weekly meal boxes that consisted of 5 frozen meals, milk, juice boxes, fruit cups, and bread! Packaged indivual bread slices.It was a fun morning and it felt great to give back!

We are going to exceed the 540 boxes this week!

About Active Job Seekers of America

AJSA is an all volunteer program, made possible through the passionate service of our members, volunteers, and community supporters. AJSA is a group of passionate driven and motivated individuals who form free local clubs to provide:

Support, Networking, and Employment Opportunities

We provide an atmosphere which promotes momentum and focus during career transition.


Business, Life, News

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