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Folsom Harley-Davidson Opens It's Doors To Kids From Coast To Coast | Business

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Folsom Harley-Davidson Opens It's Doors To Kids From Coast To Coast
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Folsom Harley-Davidson Opens It's Doors To Kids From Coast To Coast

Folsom Motorcycle Shop Will Serve As National Awareness Hub

Recruiting Supporters For 14 Day Charitable Journey

Folsom, CA.-Folsom Harley-Davidson and their Harley Owners Group (HOGs)are working as a national outreach hub helping to promote Kross Kountry-4-Kids from coast to coast. Encouraging members of the community to help them secure participants in all 50 states, especially the 7 main stops where the motorcycle run will stay over.

“If you have a relative,friend,aquaintance or associate in any of these towns that’s a great start” explains national child advocate and ride co-producer Mark Lunsford. “We are recruiting an army here to stand on the front lines for children during National Child Abuse Prevention Month this coming April “Lunsford continues. Listing primary stops as:

*Los Angelas,CA.







While the Kross Kountry-4-Kids team will require support all along the lengthy two week route these specific towns are where they will spend the night and groups in these regions will be specifically helpful hosting dinners and breakfasts, loading chase vehicles, coordinating awareness activities and even participating in project fund raising.

Kross Kountry-4-Kids is a formal and peaceful 14 day demonstration of support for children. Traveling from Folsom,CA. to Washington D.C. where the team will participate in a summit with law makers helping to engage a great deal more support for efforts nation wide which keep young people safe.

Lunsford himself has been heavily involved in child advocacy activities since his 9 year old daughter Jesse was the victim of a horrific homicide February 27,2005.Working to pass Jesse’s Law (named after his little girl)in 45 states. An active piece of effective legislation which puts in place protocol for appropriate sentencing of sex offenders whom prey upon children.Lunsord believes that with the help of businesses such as Folsom Harley-Davidson whom will be heavily involved in this project, Jesse’s Law will be active in all 50 states before the end of 2012.A natural bi-product of the vast awareness and support Kross Kountry-4-Kids aims to generate while traveling from coast to coast. Lunsford also anticipates an escalation in awareness and implementation of the Adam Walsh Act (also legislation which deals with penalties for pedophiles) through this project. Lunsford believes heavily in shoring up the resources necessary to enable U.S. Marshalls to continue capturing fugatives,as they present such a significant risk to children. The Adam Walsh Act does a great job facilitating this Lunsford explains.

Folsom Harley-Davidson will be an on site information source and also outreach arm through their web site, social media and vast E-mailing list. Synchronizing with other Harley-Davidson motorcycle shops wishing to become involved. The business has supported Lunsford’s work on behalf of kids in the past making motorcycles available for him to use when in town (Lunsford lives in Florida)and providing additional resources and man power to further fuel his focused efforts.

Kross Kountry-4-Kids is being produced by Lunsford and his project partner Kathleen Moore, a Sacramento based entrepreneur whom specializes in non-traditional and socially conscious programs. Moore organized the Capital Capital Ride Across America, a five year project which created an abundance of awareness for American veterans and soldiers, including two Discovery Channel documentaries and a six week series of stories on ABC.The two are working from opposite ends of the country bringing the project and people devoted to making it all happen together.

Lunsford and Moore are coordinating closely with law enforcement, justice officials, public officials. social workers,educaters and businesses to insure the ride is an incredible success and they encourage anyone whom has a heart for the cause to contact them in order to become involved. They are actively recruiting team members to ride the 14 days cross country and back, chase vehicle drivers, folks to secure supplies, meal coordinators and volunteers to be involved in the Washington DC summit.Kross Kountry-4-Kids will even host a Welcome Back BASH at Folsom Harley-Davidson when the ride crosses the finish line Sunday April 15th,yet another piece of this colossal project requiring devoted volunteers. Those wishing to learn more or become involved can contact Kathleen Moore at 916-259-4396 or patriotic paradise@yahoo.com .



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