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SCCA helping the community

And Jeff Gordon takes the checkered flag!  Hearing that makes you think, you know that would be fun to be a race car driver, but it is too expensive, you need a pit crew and sponsors, and of course it is a full time job.  Well, Let's face it -- you have to keep a roof over your head, you have a commitment to your family, and you don’t even have a race car.  Well it was a fun fleeting thought for a moment. 

You may not be able to take the checkered flag at the Daytona 500, however there is something much closer to home that you CAN do.  But then again there is still the issue of you don’t have the money to buy a race car.  Surprisingly you might already have one and not even know it.  This is where the Sports Car Club of America comes in, and in particular Autocross.  The SCCA was founded back in 1944 with the intention to bring motorsports to the masses.

Here in Sacramento there is a chapter of the SCCA and they hold Autocross events about 14 times a year.  What’s autocross you ask? Autocross also known as Slalom or Solo is a contest of driving skill.  It is a challenge against the clock that emphasizes car handling and agility rather than speed or power.  In other words your Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, BMW 325i, or whatever kind of car that you may drive might just be a race car begging to be unleashed!  The dangers involved do not exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving,  in other words your morning commute is just as dangerous as running an Autocross event; however running an event IS a lot more fun than your morning commute.

The Sacramento chapter of the SCCA not only holds events but also helps the Sacramento community.  Every year they hold a charity event where all the proceeds from that event go to the Shriner’s children’s hospital.  Over the past 7 years almost $50,000 has been donated just to the Shriner’s.  The Sacramento chapter also holds events to help support the Rancho Cordova police activities league and has held Drive Safe events, which help teens learn how to handle their cars in emergency situations on the road.

The cars that compete in these events range from a economy 4 door sedan again like a Honda Civic, or a Nissan Sentra to high end sports cars such as Nissan 370z, or a Chevrolet Corvette, to a completely custom purpose built car!  There are different classes for the cars because obviously a bone stock Civic could never compete against a completely modified Corvette.

In order to run in an event you must have a valid drivers license and pay the registration fees.  If you are a current SCCA member it is only $30 to compete.  If you are not a current member you have to pay a $15 fee to get a temporary SCCA membership that will cover an entire weekend.  When it is time for your class of car to run, you will have to have your car safety inspected.  After that comes the hard part... Waiting for your time to proceed to the green flag.  Then the fun begins -- the green flag drops and you are off!  The course will challenge your cars handling and your driving skills.  You are allowed four runs which means you get to finish 4 times (unlike Jeff Gordon who only gets the checkered flag only once in a day)  .The reason that Autocross is also known as solo is due to the fact that you are driving against the clock and not along side other cars as you would in a drag race or a road course.

If this sounds fun or exciting, feel free to check http://www.sfrscca.org/solo2/Sacramento/index.html for the event schedule.  There is one warning though.  After you do this once, you might find yourself wanting to go to all the rest of the events!  I hope to see you out on the track!

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