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One Body, Two Worlds by Natachi Mez

One Body, Two Worlds by Natachi Mez

I’ve never really walked through the mind of someone other than myself. I’ve attempted it, but then again, how could I be accurate? I don’t know what makes me different from every other girl in the world, but I know the factors that multiply to equal me.

I remember, when I was a lot younger, I wanted a more common name. How many people do you know with the name “Natachi?” I wanted the straight, flowing hair. I wanted the hourglass. As I continue to evolve into a young lady, I embrace my culture. I love my name, which means “from god.” I embrace my hair, and I appreciate everything I have because without them, who would I be?

It’s funny sometimes, looking back. Thinking of all of the ridiculous things that ran through my mind and straight out of my mouth.

Sacramento County cuts pet adoption rates in October

From The County of Sacramento.

Sacramento, Calif., - October is national adopt a shelter animal month and the Sacramento County Animal Shelter is promoting fall pet adoptions with ADOPTOBERFEST! Adopters will receive a fifty-percent reduction in adoption fees which includes spay/neuter services, licensing, microchipping, and vaccinations. The City of Sacramento Animal Services is also joining the County Animal Shelter in this promotion.

"Between the County and the City, we have a broad selection of animals that people can select from," stated Dave Dickinson, Interim Director of the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.

Life in High School by Journi Romstad, Winner of Life in High School Writing Contest

Life in High School by Journi Romstad, Winner of Life in High School Writing Contest

High School, nothing like the movies. Nobody gets up on the tables and sings, there's no group of "big bad girls," and in the end, the unpopular girl doesn't always get the guy. They teach us a lot in high school, most of it we don't listen to. But it's where you make all your memories. I believe high school is where you set the path for you future. What you learn shapes who you are, and who your going to be. 


Memories. Most of the memories you make in high school stick with you for life. So why not make them good ones? 


Challenges. You will face many challenges during these four years. Some could be drugs, relationships, grades, peer pressure, or bullying.

White Rock Park Grand Reopening Brings Out Community

White Rock Park Grand Reopening Brings Out Community

White Rock Park Grand Opening Brings Out Community

The Cordova Recreation and Park District celebrated the grand reopening of White Rock Community Park on Saturday, much to the delight of the surrounding neighborhood.  Thousands of residents flocked to the park to celebrate the complete renovation of the park, in the works for seven years.  The residents enjoyed live music, games, crafts, bouncers, a giant slide, free piggy bank and beach balls compliments of Cordova Recreation and Park District, free barbecue, tours of the new building, and took time to meet District staff and local dignitaries.  Most popular of all, this day marked the inaugural run of the park’s free splash park, a 4,000 square foot behemoth that includes a huge dumping bucket, slides, spray jets, and more.  The splash park is the largest free public splash park in Sacramento County, perhaps even in Northern California.

The funding for the park renovatio

Fire Up Your Career - October 7, 2011

You have a fitness trainer to maximize your workout and a dermatologist for your skin, but most of us aren't seeking professional guidance when it comes to our careers.  Career help isn't just about getting a job, it's about keeping the job you have and making sure you are growing in your career -- even in recessionary times like these. So, we invited our HR expert Jeff Dunn to give us some guidedance to fire up our careers.

Fire Up Your Career
Jeff's Top Tips
¤ Be a continual learner
¤ Track your successes
 ¤ Regularly ask, "What's next?"
¤ Use Social Media
¤ Recognize that you make a difference!