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Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee | Crime

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Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee
Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee

SACRAMENTO - An employee of a cell phone store shot and killed a suspected armed robber Sunday afternoon and officials say the shooting appears to be justified.

Sgt. Jason Ramos of Sacramento Sheriff's Department said an armed man walked into a Rosemont area Metro PCS business in the 8900 block of Folsom Blvd. around 3 p.m.

The man encountered a store employee and then approached an office in the back of the store. A second employee armed with a gun came from the office and fired one shot at the suspect, killing him, said Ramos.

Ramos said deputies believe the man was looking for cash, phones, or other electronic items.

According to Ramos, the shooting appeared to be justified, but the investigation was still in its early stages.

"You can use deadly force if you decide your life is in imminent danger. This guy comes in with a gun, you can assume he intends to do you harm," said Sgt. Ramos.

Officials continue to question store employees, witnesses and review surveillance footage.

The identity of the man killed was not released.

Customers of the store said this was the third robbery at the business.

"They were robbed 1-2 times before. They had to protect themselves," said customer Sal Guasella.

"It's sad he had to die," said customer Karen Guasella about the suspected robber. "But people have to protect themselves. What else can they do? They've been robbed before. If they have a legal permit to carry a gun, they should use it."

"You have a right to protect yourself. And if they didn't have a gun, who knows what could have happened," said customer Mike Goodie. "You know it's hard to say. In that situation, you never know until you're there."

Deputies say the two employees have cooperated with the investigation.

When law enforcement arrived, they were standing outside, the weapon used was left inside on the counter.

The DA will decide if employees will face charges.


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