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Man tries to out drive Rancho Cordova police, CHP during high-speed chase

Man tries to out drive Rancho Cordova police, CHP during high-speed chase

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - A man was arrested after leading police on a high speed chase Thursday night.

Rancho Cordova police tried to pull over the driver of a red Corvette for speeding on westbound 50, near Hazel Avenue, but he didn't stop and sped off, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Matthew Burgess said.

The man drove south on Interstate-5 at speeds over 100 mph. Near Elk Grove, CHP took over the chase.

Burgess said deputies put down a spike strip, but the suspect avoided it and veered his car toward the deputy who placed the strip.

During the chase, the driver crossed over a grassy center-divide and tried to go southbound in the northbound lanes.

A CHP officer used a pit maneuver to stop the driver, which knocked the Corvette onto the shoulder.

Burgess said they took the man into custody without further incident. He also said the Citrus Heights police department was interested in man, but did not say why.

Murder victims' parents work to protect children

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - Families of young murder victims are using their painful experiences to protect kids from other child predators.

They are gathering in Rancho Cordova at a weekend summit with many other child advocacy groups.

The group includes Mark and Cindy Sconce, whose 12-year-old daughter Courtney was kidnapped from her Rancho Cordova neighborhood, raped and murdered 12 years ago.

Her parents stress how important it is to communicate with your kids and to teach them how to prevent themselves from becoming victims.

"I think people need to train their kids on what to do," Mark said. "If someone pulls up in a car and points a gun, you've got to tell your kids what they can do."

"There's a little piece of your heart missing every single day," Cindy explained. "Some things will come to mind and you just stop and your whole world stops."

Courtney's killer Justin Weinberger is serving life without parole for her murder.

Former Sacramento web producer charged with conspiracy

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The Justice Department is charging a former web producer for Sacramento-based FOX station KTXL of conspiring with members of the hacker group "Anonymous" to hack into and alter a Tribune Company website. 

Matthew Keys was named Thursday in an indictment filed in federal court in Sacramento. The 26-year-old from New Jersey faces one count each of conspiracy to transmit information to damage a protected computer, as well transmitting and attempting to transmit that information. (See sidebar for indictment.)

The government alleges that Keys gave Anonymous members a login and password for a computer server belonging to FOX40's corporate parent, the Tribune Company. Prosecutors say Keys encouraged the hackers to disrupt the website, and at least one hacker used the credentials to change the online version of a Los Angeles Times story.

Puppy stolen from Sacramento County home

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - A family continues to search for its puppy that was stolen from the front yard three weeks ago.

Freddy, a 7-month-old dachshund/ terrier mix, was in the front yard of a home near La Riviera Drive and Woodman Way on Feb. 22 when a woman got out of a car and stole, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

The woman was a passenger in a dirty royal blue 4-door car with dark tinted windows. The car was being driven by another woman, the sheriff's department said.

Freddy has red/brown fur with a white stripe on his neck; his left ear droops lower than his right ear.

Anyone with information is urged to send a tip to the sheriff's department at http://www.sacsheriff.com/tips/ 

Detectives seek ID of suspected credit union robber

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - Sheriff robbery detectives released a security camera photo of a man they say is wanted in the robbery of a credit union last Thursday.

The man went into Heritage Community Credit Union at 10339 Folsom Boulevard at about 10:20 that morning, handed a note demanding money to a teller and left on foot with money in a white cloth bag, said Sacramento County sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos.

No weapon was displayed and no one was hurt.

The suspected robber was described as black, in his 30s, about 6 feet 5 inches tall with a muscular build. There was a birthmark or tattoo on his forehead between his eyebrows. He had a moustache and hair on his chin. He wore a black, hoodie sweatshirt and black jeans.

Safety advice for when a stranger knocks at your door

There's an unexpected knock from a stranger at the front door. What to do?

1. Be cautious when opening the door. Do not blindly open the door to see who it is or what it is that they want.

2. Ignore the knock on the door . You may want to go about your normal business and NOT pretend that you are not home, but instead continue to do what you were doing, or even make some noise or turn on a light so that the person knows that someone IS home (possibly avoiding a burglary).

3. Look out a window first to see who it is - Avoid looking out a door window, but instead go and look through another window away from the door if possible. If you don't recognize them, you could shout through the door and ask what they want, or you could choose to ignore them.

4. Set the door chain. Be sure that your door chain is set well with LONG screws into the door frame to help resist a "push in." Crack open the door to speak to the person through the gap.

12 Machine guns seized from home

SACRAMENTO CO. - Detectives arrest a Gold River man Saturday morning after discovering 12 machine guns in his home.

Detectives from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office's IMPACT Division responded to the 2300 block of Gold River Rd. to serve a search warrant at the home of Jack Holsey.

When investigators entered the home they found a dozen machine guns along with drugs and other contraband.

Holsey was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of unlawful possession of an assault weapon, possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm and possession of child pornography.