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Is Elk Grove prime to become a prostitution, human trafficking hub?

Sen. John Hoeven (R - North Dakota). October 8, 2018 |
Late last year, Elk Grove made national news from a story that showed both the good and bad of humanity. The bad side on that story may well be the first of many to come.
As readers may recall three suspects, Destiny Pettway, Maria Westley, and Disney Vang were arrested on suspicion of prostitution and pandering after using a ride share service to reach an Elk Grove hotel. Their victim was a 16-year old girl.
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Mayor Christopher Cabaldon statement on homicides

“All of West Sacramento stands together in profound heartbreak, shocked by the vile domestic murder of three children in our community. In a small town, each of us, whether parents, neighbors, mentors, and just plain citizens, know that protecting our children is our most sacred duty, and the betrayal of that duty in the home is unfathomable and unconscionable.  Our thoughts go out to the families, friends and classmates of the young victims. Together, we grieve this loss.

West Sacramento is not used to this type of tragedy. Our police and fire personnel responded quickly at the scene and attempted lifesaving efforts immediately.  They are devastated they could not do more, but we are proud of the way they handled a challenging set of circumstances with professionalism and sensitivity... Read More

Former Carmichael youth sports coach arrested on child molestation charges

Jason David Foreman. | 
September 13, 2017 | 
A man who was already in custody was arrested for alleged molestation of a child under 14-years of age. 
On September 12, Jason David Foreman, 34, was arrested on 10 child molestation charges. The allegations against Foreman came following an investigation by Sacramento County Sheriff deputies.

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Elk Grove police make arrests in six suspected domestic violence cases, One Involved a Handgun

June 26, 2017 |  
For the three day period ending Sunday, June 26, Elk Grove Police arrested six people suspected of domestic violence, including one incident that involved a handgun.
On Friday, June 23 police arrested Anthony Gipvoong, 20, and Alexander Navarro, 65, were arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Also arrested that day was Salendra Singh, 55, who allegedly pushed two minor children in the presence of his victim. The victim in that incident was granted an emergency protective order.
On Saturday, June 24 three suspects were arrested on domestic violence charges including Elbert Arceo, 35; Michael Langford, 40; and Rakesh Rem, 49, all of Elk Grove. Arceo allegedly brandished a handgun at his victim during the incident.  

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FBI arrests Elk Grove man, accused of trafficking of child

June 22, 2017 |  
The Sacramento FBI field office announced an Elk Grove man was arrested on Wednesday, June 21 on suspicion of child trafficking.
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CSI: Old City Cemetery

CSI: Old City Cemetery

Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Dig into the sordid underbelly of Sacramento's past and learn how dogged investigators were able to solve some of the worst crimes this city has seen. Step into the boots of those Sherlock Holmes' of the graveyard shift and uncover the secrets of early crime detection.

The tour convenes at the10th Street gate. There is ample free street parking on surrounding streets. The tour costs $10 per person (cash only) and will be collected at the gate on a first-come, first-served basis. Ticket sales are limited to the first 50 sold. For more information, call (916) 448-0811. Sacramento Historic City Cemetery, 1000 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

Bill Ensuring Funding for Child Abuse Prevention Funding Heads to the Senate Floor

Bill Ensuring Funding for Child Abuse Prevention Funding Heads to the Senate Floor

Bill Ensuring Funding for Child Abuse Prevention Funding

Heads to the Senate Floor

Rancho Cordova – This week, Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s AB 924 to re-establish the State Children’s Trust Fund as a donation option on state income tax forms heads to the Senate Floor.  AB 924 will reinstate the State tax form check-off box as a donation option, ensuring that the Fund will continue to support innovative and effective child abuse prevention programs across the state.

Currently, California taxpayers have the opportunity to pledge a portion of their expected tax return to charitable funds when filing their taxes. Each charitable fund’s listed check-off box location on the tax form is tied to a minimum contribution level adjusted annually for inflation. Failure of any tax check-off to meet the minimum contribution level results in that fund being repealed.