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Selling Dreams
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Selling Dreams

Momservation: The greatest gift you can give anyone is your belief in them.


I never doubted I could be the first female president.

I have my parents to thank for that. I was home-grown on a healthy diet of love, support, validation, and encouragement to believe I could accomplish whatever I set my heart and determination to.

I have since decided I would leave being the Leader of the Free World to the next qualified female candidate, Hilary Clinton. I also decided to relinquish being the first female NFL player, Olympic gold medalist, and most brilliant Think Tank member to people operating with more qualifications than their parents’ unwavering belief in them.

It’s quite a platform my parents have built for me—this sturdy, safe place to find the courage to leap for your dreams. Lofty ambitions and big ideas never seem out of reach when you’ve been elevated to believe in your potential.

You would think these great contractors knew how to build this platform to success from their own experiences—specifically, my mom.

Just the opposite...


Events, Family, Moms

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