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Kids Don't Float! | Family

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Kids Don't Float!
Kids Don't Float!

Our family lives near the river in Auburn, and we spend 3-5 days a week during the summer months dipping, swimming, and floating the hot summer days away.  As a regular to the confluence I see families with small children, toddlers and up, putting on sunscreen but no life jackets! Certainly the sunscreen is important, but why on earth would these parents let their children play in the river (they clearly can’t swim) without a life jacket on? There are jackets provided at the river, admittedly, they are functional not fashionable.

I usually keep to myself but the other day I watched as a really little girl toddled and fell on the rocks in the water. Her parents (I’m assuming) jumped to attention and scooped her up, but what if one of them had slipped or not gotten to her in time? It just scares me to see such carelessness with kids and the river. I asked the people why they didn’t have a life jacket for their child and their reply was stunning, they told me, “Life jackets don’t look good in pictures.” Really?! How about not having a child to take pictures of, consider that.

My son has worn a life jacket from his very first summer all the way to today when we were at the river. He is also “survival float trained” which teaches infants to right themselves, turning onto their backs and cry if they were to fall in a body of water. The river is a different animal, it is moving, and uncertain, and the temperature, level and speed of the flow can (and do) change in an instant. We wear our life jackets when we swim in the river, period. And for that family, we have 9 years of amazing pictures of our son...wearing a life jacket!

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