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WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Try Something NEW!! | Family

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2013 Weekly Challenge #33: Try something New!

As school starts, the days shorten, and summer starts to wane, I have been finding myself in a rut. I am doing the same things on the same days week after week after week and it feels like Groundhog Day. Nothing feels new or fresh. Am I alone? Or do some of you feel the same way too?

This week's challenge is about breaking out of the rut, monotony, doldrums or whatever you want to call it...Trying something new might lead to a fun new hobby, a healthy new habit or even new friends or adventures. 

Your challenge: Try something NEW! Try a new workout class, a new recipe, a new activity, a new book, etc. Change things up a little bit, and enjoy! 
I challenge you to try the "Quinoa Recipes on the MBC BLOG"! Click on "downloadable resources" and you will see the recipes there under Mama Bootcamp Staples"! Yummy, delicious, and oh soooo good for you!

For more information about Mama Bootcamp: www.mamabootcamp.com or call (916)300-8576

Family, Health, Moms

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