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The Best of Momservations 2014 | Family

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The Best of Momservations 2014
Family, Moms
The Best of Momservations 2014

Momservation: A New Year’s resolution is good in theory the way pizza dipped in Ranch is good for the thighs (and, unfortunately, I will still do both).

☺        ☺        ☺

Well, it’s another year and another failed nomination for Mother of the Year. But I do believe I was successful in my prayer of doing more good than harm in raising my children and I haven’t been called to be a guest on Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer, or Nancy Grace so I must be doing something right.

And like a good wine, I seem to be getting better with age. Out of my Top 5 Momservations Blogs for 2014 four out five were written in the last quarter of this year. But even more importantly, I haven’t fatally embarrassed my children with my parenting musings and they generally still think I’m pretty great (an amazing feat with teenagers!).

As 2014 leaves the building and 2015 dawns with renewed optimism and possibilities, I invite you to pause in reflection with me on what resonated with Momservations readers:...


Family, Moms

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