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Happy Double Jeopardy! | Family

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Happy Double Jeopardy!
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Happy Double Jeopardy!

Momservation: January birthdays are a sucker punch. Another year has passed AND you’re another year older. “Oh, yay!” said no January birthday baby ever.

☺        ☺        ☺

Thursday I celebrate the day my parents had unprotected sex 44 years ago.


Changing perspective on how I view my birthday doesn’t help with the Ew Factor either.

It really bugs me that my birthday is right at the New Year.

I mean, we just had Christmas—I don’t need more gifts for my birthday! Now half way through the year—June, maybe even April—I’m gonna need some restocking in the Wants and Needs Department. June babies have it perfect. Get some winter clothes for Christmas. Summer clothes for your birthday. Celebrate with a pool party.

Nobody has a pool party in January.

My biggest Ew with a January birthday though is that it feels like Double Jeopardy...


Family, Moms

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