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Where Has Logan Been? | Family

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Where Has Logan Been?
Family, Moms
Where Has Logan Been?

Momservation: Show me a teenage boy who picks up his things left around the house and I’ll show you a unicorn.

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Hello, and Welcome to My World!

Today, we’re going to play a favorite and frequent game around the Wheeler house called Where Has Logan Been?

It’s easy to play and I imagine parents of fifteen year-old boys have been playing their version of this for years, perhaps even centuries! I can just see Mrs. Mozart playing Where Has Wolfgang Been? finding music sheets on the couch, tea cup rings on the piano, and his dirty socks on the settee. I’m sure Mr. Washington played Where Has George Been? Again finding George’s ax by the cherry tree or his suspenders over the outhouse door. I can easily see Mrs. Warhol in another round of Where Has Andy Been? finding Andy’s paints and Campbell’s soup cans spread across the table after she’s asked him a million times to pick them up so they can eat dinner and his brushes in the bathroom sink.

So are you ready for this round of Where Has Logan Been?

Rules are easy:...


Family, Moms

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