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C'Mere Kid So I Can Slap You | Family

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C'Mere Kid So I Can Slap You
Family, Moms
C'Mere Kid So I Can Slap You
Momservation: “God doesn’t require that we succeed. He only requires that you try.”                                                      ~Mother Teresa

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I like to consider myself a pretty easy going person.

However, there are some things I have very little patience for and will push my buttons.


  • Kids who talk back to adults. Makes my palms itch something awful.
  • Parents who allow their kids to be disrespectful. Raising a**holes are we?
  • Adults who act like petulant children. Really? After all these years of life experience, this is the best reaction you could come up with?
  • People getting away with bad behavior. Why do people stand around and not call someone out for being an a**hole? They need to know their sh** won’t be tolerated!
  • Blatant rudeness. Why? Who pissed in your Cheerios? What makes you think your needs trump everyone else’s?
  • Disregard for others’ safety. You can drive like an idiot and try to kill yourself—but let’s keep me and my family out of it, shall we?

But I’d have to say the most egregious offense to humanity to me…


Family, Moms

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