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Signs Spring Fever is Real | Family

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Signs Spring Fever is Real
Family, Moms
Signs Spring Fever is Real

Momservations: Warm weather and feeling frisky go hand-in-hand like peanuts and beer at a ball game.

* * *

I used to be a 5th grade teacher and (whether my kids believe it or not) a teenager. I’m telling you, people—Spring Fever is real.

But it’s not just kids and hormonal teenagers who get squirrely when the sun feels warm on your face again, grass becomes a vibrant shade of green, and flowers signal the weather is taking a turn for the better.

Everyone wishes recess was all day long.Everyone is doing their March Madness NCAA basketball brackets instead of working.Everyone wishes their legs weren’t so pale when they slip into the shorts again (and that they weren’t so tight)...


Family, Moms

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