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Rancho Cordova game developer to 'Kickstart' video game | Fun

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Rancho Cordova game developer to 'Kickstart' video game

The crowdfunding method of raising money towards projects made waves in early February when game developer DoubleFine raised more than two million dollars in little more than a day towards its next project.  Sacramento-area independent game developer Jeff LaFlam looks to fund development on his own game, called Match and Magic, in the very same way by using the website Kickstarter.

"I read about Kickstarter and even backed a few projects myself," said LaFlam.  "Once I saw DoubleFine's big payoff I realized that this was a huge moment for the gaming industry so I started work on my own Kickstarter campaign."

LaFlam describes his upcoming PC/iPad game as a role playing game in which the player fights off fearsome creatures through the use of unique abilities, powerful spells, and items.  Inspired by popular casual games like Bejeweled, players use their special in-game abilities to control falling gems in match-3 style gameplay.

LaFlam remembers how his entire project started.

"My project started by me watching my mom, wife, and daughter play Bejeweled," he recalled.  "I started to notice that they could play the game for long periods of time for such a simple mechanic. As I watched them more I noticed what they liked and didn't like and then an idea popped into my head for a game. I'm also a fairly big gamer myself and there were several games that I had played that I incorporated into the Bejeweled mechanic."

Much of the game is already good to go with LaFlam having been working on it and financing it out of his own pocket over the last couple of years.  Not too long ago, he thought it was ready until he got a reality check from game publishers.  His game's artwork, it seems, wasn't up to snuff.  So, after using an amateur the first time around, LaFlam hired a couple of professionals out of New York.

"We got pretty far before my money ran out but not enough to complete the game," he commented.

That's when he launched his project onto Kickstarter in an effort to raise $15,000 by May 10th.  Should his goal be reached and he can get all of the game's new artwork completed, LaFlam says Match and Magic should go public as soon as August of this year.


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