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Sharon Ito's blog: Lungren on Gingrich, drilling, and Bera | Politics

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Sharon Ito's blog: Lungren on Gingrich, drilling, and Bera


With Dan Lungren’s rematch opponent, democrat Dr. Ami Bera, appearing on Monday’s (March 19) talk show News10@9,  I want to recap last Monday’s conversation with the congressman.  


On the GOP presidential race, Lungren said he’s endorsing his former House of Representatives colleague Newt Gingrich.  “I’m realistic, I know it’s a long shot,” he told us.  


On gas prices, Lungren is pushing for an “immediate impact” and said the solution is, in a word, drilling.  “We are unilaterally cutting off some of our own greatest potential for production in this country.  It makes no sense whatsoever."  He went on to say President Obama is “dead wrong” in opposing offshore drilling, drilling in Alaska, and laying the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.  


The conversation included Lungren’s view on alternative energy, so here’s one of his quotes: 


“I'm a supporter of alternative energy.  But I recognize that for the foreseeable future we're going to have to rely on fossil fuels.  Most of us put gasoline in our gas tanks, so the idea that some in politics or government or even the president believes that we've got to move people out of their cars into something else --  is I kind of take it as an elitist view of things.”


I wonder if we’ll be hearing that word, “elitist” more often as the campaign gets underway.  Bera, who’s a local medical doctor, is challenging Lungren for a second time, only this time in a newly-drawn district that leans a bit more democratic and independent. 


The last election in 2010 was a bruiser with few debates and negative ads on both sides.  So I invited Lungren to join us again alongside Bera.  And Lungren accepted. 


“I'd love to talk about the issues.  That wasn't done very much two years ago.  Mostly attacks.  I think there is an opportunity for civil debate, civil discussion about different views.”


So after Monday’s conversation with Bera, count on a debate between the two men.  Civil, yes. Lively and perhaps unpredictable, you bet.      


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