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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Eppie Great Race Winners

Dr. Vic Vicari of Sacramento, recovering from being struck by a minivan and rushed to the hospital just three days ago, still successfully defended his title, and completed the fastest time of all 2013 Eppie’s Great Race Iron Men becoming a Ten-time, “Iron Man 50+ Division” Winner, of the 40th Annual “Eppie’s Great Race,” on Saturday, July 20.

Vicari crossed the Eppie’s Great Race (EGR) Finish Line with a time of 1:47:14, (a full minute ahead of the second place division competitor). Fair Oaks’ Melanie Cleland completed the fastest time for all EGR Iron Women, and won the “Iron Woman 40+ Division”, with an overall time of 1:58:04. And the “Paul A. Garcia Open Division” Relay Team winner was Team “VITEK Vikings”, with an overall time of: 1:33:55.

The 2013 Eppie’s Great Race also introduced a new Division this year: the “Eppie’s Great Race City Cup.” Requiring at least one member of the participating “City Cup” Team to be employed by the same city or be an elected or appointed official in that city, the winning “Eppie’s Great Race City Cup,” team/city will host and display the City Cup in their City Hall for one year, (upon which time they will be expected to “defend their title”). The first city to win the coveted, “Eppie’s Great Race City Cup,” is “Team City of Sacramento,” with a time of 2:19:45. The second place City Cup Team was, “Team City of Rancho Cordova”, with a time of 2:37:14.

In addition to Vicari, Cleland, and Team “VITEK Vikings,” over 2,800 people competed in or volunteered at, the 40th annual Eppie’s Great Race Triathlon, which requires competitors to run, cycle, and paddle along the American River Parkway through Rancho Cordova and Sacramento, California. 

In conjunction with Eppie’s Great Race, and in its eighth year, the Eppie’s Great Race “US Bank Kids Duathlon” drew over 230 youths (ages 17 and under) to run 2.5 miles followed by a 6-mile bike ride, which began at 10:00 a.m., also on the American River Parkway. 

Among the highlights and winners of the 40th Annual Eppie’s Great Race on July 20, 2013 include:  

  • Vic Vicari of Sacramento, CA., took the 50+ Ironman Division -- and captured the overall fastest time in all of the Iron Divisions -- with a time of 1:47:14. 
  • Melanie Cleland of Fair Oaks, CA, captured the 40+ Year Iron Woman Division title and recorded the fastest Iron Woman time of 1:58:04. 
  • In the Eppie’s Great Race Open Team Division, Runner Phillip Reed, Bicyclist Johnathan Lee, and Paddler John Easterbrook (known as “Team VITEK Vikings”), all from Fair Oaks, CA., took first place with a time of 1:33:55.
  • Winning the “Adaptive” Division with a time of 2:36:10 was Team, “Borderline,” with Runner Donald Wells of Rancho Cordova, Biker Joseph Adversalo of Elk Grove, and Paddler Steve Klinefelter of Orangevale, CA.

·       The Women’s Overall Relay Team Division with a winning time of 2:08:39 was captured by team “Sizzlin’ Sistas,” made up of Runner Laurie Beyer of Orangevale, Biker Zoe Anastas of Vancouver, WA., and Paddler Niki Calastas of Redwood Shores, CA.

  • “Sac PD Code 3,” made up of Runner Brent Kaney, and Biker and Paddler Dan Nutley, both from El Dorado Hills, CA., won the Fire/Police Division at a time of 1:54:30. 
  • Capturing the Corporate Division first place title was “Quincy Engineering” with a time of 1:48:58, comprised of Runner Scott McCauley of Orangevale, Biker Danny Mossman of El Dorado Hills, and Paddler Garrett McClaughlin of Sacramento.
  • Capturing the “Junior’s Team” Division title at a time of 2:12:15 was team “Team Eppiedidymis” made up of Runner Carlos Cruz, Biker Brandon Yee, and Paddler Ryan Gallagher, all from Sacramento, CA.
  • Taking the Family Division title was “Team 443,” featuring Runner Adam Kuphaldt, and Biker/Paddler Joseph Kuphaldt, crossing the finish line at 2:00:36. 
  • In the Co-Ed Team Division, “Team Top 10” with Runner Corinne Yee, Bicyclist Kevin Whitford, and Paddler Ryan Zahner, all of El Macero, CA, took first place with a time of 1:57:02. 
  • Sacramento’s Brian Fennessy was the “Iron Man” Division Winner (Open – Ages 40 and below), with a time of 1:55:39.
  • Sacramento’s Mark Barrett won the “Iron Man 40+” Division at 1:48:15.
  • Dennis Lloyd of Sacramento, CA., won the Ironman 60+ title at 2:01:21.
  • Fair Oaks’ Jared Loucks was the “Junior Iron Man,” Division Winner at 2:12:07.
  • Meggie Elledge of Folsom was the First Place Winner for the “Iron Woman” (Open – Ages 40 and below), with a time of 2:03:42.
  • The Iron Woman 50+ Division Winner was Sacramento’s Pam Goodley at 2:10:29.
  • Fair Oaks’ Cathie Andrews was the Iron Woman 60+ Division Winner with a time of 2:25:29.
  • The Women’s Team 50+ winners were “Usual Suspects,” Runner Karen Jeffers of Sacramento, Bicyclist Kristina Zack and Paddler Robin Carpenter, both of Rancho Cordova, with at time of 1:54:53.
  • The Men’s Team 40+ first place winners, made up of team “Unusual Suspects,” which included Runner Mason Myers, Biker Bob Beretta, and Cameron Poer, with a time of 1:41:10.
  • The Men’s Team 50+ first place winner was team, “Fast Geezers,” with a time of 1:40:51.
  • The Men’s Team 60+ first place winner was team, “Old Guys,” at 1:53:31.
  • Claiming first place in the Tandem Kayak Division, was team, “Fast Enough,” with a time of 1:41:37 was Runner Derek Thomas, and Biker Mike Smith, and Paddlers Ian Rice, and Steve Streng.
  • In the Open Canoe Division, team, “Rockfish Rangers,” featuring Runner Jacob Hunter, Biker Kenny Lane, and Paddlers Mike Ammon and Steve Wilson, took first place with a time of 1:43:50.
  • In the “Sit-on-Top” Division, team, “Who You Callin’ Losers Now?” took first place with a time of 1:51:07, by Runner Daniel Mitchell, Biker Greg Marshall, and Paddler Jeff Bushey of Sacramento.

 Known as “The World’s Oldest Triathlon,” Eppie’s Great Race was founded by regional businessman and philanthropist Eppie Johnson 40 years ago. Since that time, Eppie’s Great Race has been implemented each year as a fundraising event benefiting programs presented by the Sacramento County Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS), which provide programs for mentally- and physically-challenged people. One hundred percent of the Eppie’s Great Race entry fees are donated to support TRS.  To date, Eppie’s Great Race has raised over $1 Million for TRS, and now accounts for over 25 percent of the programs’ overall operating budget.

The competitors that participated in the Eppie’s Great Race Triathlon began the event by running near the bridge at William Pond Park Recreation Area, proceeding west to the Guy West Bridge (behind CSUS), where the cycling portion of Eppie’s Great Race begins. Bicyclists continue for 12.5 miles to the Sunrise Avenue footbridge, where the paddling segment begins. Participants paddle 6.35 miles downriver to the River Bend Park Recreation landing/finish area. 

For further information regarding Eppie’s Great Race, or for a complete list of all of the participants and their finish times, please check the web site at: www.eppiesgreatrace.org.

Source: Drisha Leggitt, Eppie Great Race