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Are Facebook Promotions Getting an Update? | Business

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Are Facebook Promotions Getting an Update?
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Looks like new Facebook Promotions guidelines may soon be released.

According to AllFacebook, an email sent out by Facebook sales representatives outlines the new rules.  In contrast to the old guidelines where promotions needed to be explicitly approved, promotions will no longer need prior written approval from Facebook. Basically, in regards to promotions, sweepstakes and contests on Facebook:

  • They no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.

  • They no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support the promotion.

  • This means you are not required to have a media campaign on Facebook to run a promotion, nor do you need to ask for approval on the contest terms and conditions from the Facebook team.

  • However, all promotions are still subject to Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines and Facebook Platform Policies, and brands are responsible for ensuring that all contests fall within those guidelines. (The changes have not yet been reflected in those guidelines)

In 2009, Facebook first announced changes to the promotions guidelines, requiring any company to get explicit approval from Facebook first. This updates, however, does not mean that promotions which were previously rejected can now operate. As such, the following types of promotions are still not allowed:

  • Photo contests which require profile photo manipulation

  • Status update contests which require posting status updates for entry

  • Contest entries once a user has become a fan

It is unclear when these changes will take place, but we assume it will be soon. Good news for businesses who’ve run into roadblocks in their Facebook promotion strategies.

Business, Life

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