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Tasered Rancho Cordova woman claims excessive force | Crime

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Tasered Rancho Cordova woman claims excessive force

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - A woman tasered outside a Rancho Cordova pharmacy Sunday night claims Sacramento County sheriff's deputies used excessive force while  trying to detain her.

Andrea Boarman, 24, said she was hit with a taser dart after she was taken to the ground by a pair of deputies who thought she was a shoplifting suspect at a CVS pharmacy on Zinfandel Drive.

Boarman said she was told by deputies she fit the description of a young black woman wearing a dark coat.

"They were detaining me. They told me that I couldn't leave. I told him, could he take me up to the store and ask the manager, ask the cashier? It wasn't me. And he, he refused," said Boarman.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said Boarman was argumentative with deputies from the start.

"She wasn't physically struggling, but she was very argumentative and very confrontational," Ramos said.

Ramos said she began resisting arrest when deputies tried to take her into custody.

"(She was) continuing to struggle with the officer who was on the ground with her and that's when the determination was made that based on her continuing to fight, that a Taser was an appropriate deployment of force," Ramos said.

Boarman, who's completing an intern program at Intel Corporation's Folsom campus, said she was not resisting officers.

"First he put me in the choke hold. He took me down to the ground. The other cop came over and he added his shoving and he pushed my face into the ground," said Boarman.

"I'm a small girl. If somebody is on top of me and they're hurting me, of course I'm gonna squirm. If that's resisting arrest, then I don't know," said Boarman.

According to Ramos, a camera in a deputy's car recorded most of the incident. "I believe firmly (it) will exonerate the officers of any wrongdoing," he said.

Boarman, who was given a misdemeanor ticket for obstructing an officer, said she plans to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against the department.

The person responsible for the shoplifting was able to escape.


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