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Nevada's 'Fedora Bandit' charged with 8 bank robberies

SACRAMENTO - David Griffith Osborne, 74, of Carson City Nevada was charged with eight counts of armed bank robbery, announced United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner on Wednesday.

Osborne, also known as the "Fedora Bandit", was charged with robbing the following banks during an 18-month span:

Disgruntled employee is prime suspect in murder

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - We are learning more about a Rancho Cordova man who is a suspect in his former supervisor's murder.

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Ex-employee arrested in Rancho Cordova park supe's murder

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - A 47-year-old man arrested for the murder of a Cordova Recreation and Park District supervisor Monday morning, had filed a complaint alleging discrimination against the park district and the park supervisor he's alleged to have shot.

A co-worker found Steven Duane Ebert, 59, shot to death in his SUV around 6 a.m. Monday on an access road at Hagan Community Park in Rancho Cordova. Ebert was from Pollock Pines

Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Ramos said former park district employee Dupree Barber was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail for the murder. Barber was one of 18 employees recently laid off by the park district and Ebert had been one of his supervisors.

Ramos said detectives believe the loss of Barber's job was a motivating factor in his alleged crime. Ebert had been shot several times in the upper torso.

Man found shot to death at Rancho Cordova park

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - Employees at the Cordova Recreation and Park District are suffering a barrage of emotions: Sadness for the loss of a co-worker and fear for their own safety.

Around 6 Monday morning, a district employee noticed an SUV stopped in the middle of an access road at Hagan Community Park with its brake lights on.

The employee found a co-worker dead inside, shot to death.  His weight on the brake pedal was the only reason the SUV wasn't moving, according to Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Deputy Jason Ramos.

It wasn't known if there was a connection yet, but two weeks earlier, the district laid off 18 full and part-time employees.

District Interim Director Doug Critchfield said the previous director ignored declining revenues and he, Critchfield, had no choice.

Now there's concern the murder could have been payback. The murdered man was a supervisor in the department.

Man convicted of murdering Rancho Cordova woman last New Year's Day

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - A man charged with murdering a woman on Jan. 1 2011, was found guilty.

Demetrius Shaffer was convicted of murdering 37-year-old Rajneet Singh.

Singh's body was found just before 11 a.m. a year ago on New Year's Day on Mills Park and Olson drives near a light rail station by a neighbor. The neighbor discovered Singh's body while he was in his backyard looking over his fence, which backs up to the area where Singh was found.

An autopsy later showed that Singh was strangled to death.

Shaffer was first identified as a person of interest when he was seen on surveillance video leaving a card room with Singh.

Deputies later arrested him on an active warrant on a previous and unrelated sexual assault case.

Two months later, Shaffer was arrested for Singh's murder and sexual assault after detectives found DNA at the crime scene that linked him to the murder.

Shaffer's sentencing has been scheduled for a later date.

Suspect dies after being shot by Sac. Co. deputy

NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA - A Sacramento County deputy shot and killed a suspect inside a North Highlands home on Tuesday just before 10 p.m.

The deputy responded to the 6200 block of San Martin Street after family members reported a male relative acting violently, Deputy Jason Ramos said.

The arriving deputy made contact with the suspect, prior to back-up arriving at the scene.

Ramos said the suspect, who was much bigger than the deputy, tackled the deputy and reached for the deputy's belt.

The deputy shot the suspect multiple times, killing him inside of the home, Ramos said.

Skateboarding bank robber sentenced to prison

SACRAMENTO, CA - A man who pled guilty to five bank robberies was sentenced to prison Monday.

Jared Sung Yoon Herdt, 30, of Sacramento, a.k.a. the "Skateboard Bandit", was sentenced to eight years in prison and three years parole after release, said Lauren Horwood, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of California.

Horwood said Herdt was called the "Skateboard Bandit" because witnesses at the robberies said the robber fled the scene on a skateboard to a getaway car waiting at another location.

On April 27, 2010, police searched a stolen vehicle in Sunnyvale and found $4,900 in cash, a loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol, a skateboard and a receipt for a dentist in Oregon.

Police talked to the dentist, who positively identified Herdt from surveillance photos of the bank robberies, Horwood said.

Herdt pled guilty to the following bank robberies: