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Parolee busted in Sacramento after Highway 50 chase

SACRAMENTO, CA - A parolee behind the wheel of a Nissan sedan led Sacramento County sheriff's deputies and Rancho Cordova police officers on an eight-mile chase along Highway 50 before surrendering on Wednesday.

Sheriff's Lt. Mike Gonzalez said officers were initially unaware the man was a parolee.  Gonzalez said an anti-gang task force was working in the Rancho Cordova area and attempted to make a traffic stop at Zinfandel Drive because of the Nissan's tinted windows.

Multiple vehicles chased the Nissan westbound on 50 at speeds up to 90 miles per hour until the driver left the highway at Howe Avenue and stopped at the bottom of the ramp onto La Riviera Drive.

During the chase, witnesses reported seeing the driver toss a plastic bag out the window, as well as a "shiny object" that reportedly landed in the highway median, according to Gonzalez.

Shaffer denies murder charges after arrest for Rancho Cordova murder

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has made an arrest two months after the New Year's Day murder of Rajneet Singh of Rancho Cordova.

Demetrius Shaffer, 32, was booked Wednesday on murder and sexual assault charges, said Deputy Jason Ramos. Detectives considered Shaffer a person of interest after being seen on surveillance video at a cardroom earlier in the evening with Singh.

Shaffer said, during a jailhouse interview, he did not rape or murder Singh. He says he was in the casino all night and then went to the Red Roof Inn afterward. Singh's body was found by a neighbor near the light rail tracks on Mills Park Drive. Singh was partially unclothed. Authorities say she was strangled.

Detectives found DNA evidence at the crime scene that linked Shaffer to the murder, said Ramos.

Volunteers try to get signatures to knock down wall in Rancho Cordova

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - A group of 30 Rancho Cordova residents are going door-to-door Saturday morning to get signatures on a petition to knock down a wall on the corner of Mills Park Drive and Olson Drive.

On New Year's Day, a neighbor found the body of Rajneet Kaur Singh, 37, behind the wall when he was looking over his fence in the backyard.

Neighborhood Association representative Ryan Lundquist said many residents don't realize how bad it looks behind the wall, and the types of shady activities that happen there.

"We need to do something in order to curb that sort of negative activity from occurring in this neighborhood," said Lundquist.

Three teens killed in Rancho Cordova drive-by

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - Rancho Cordova police and Sacramento County sheriff's detectives are asking for help in a drive-by shooting that left three young men dead on Malaga Way in Rancho Cordova Sunday evening. 

Neighbors and family members said two of the victims were 15-year-old cousins and the third was a 20 year old who'd married the sister of one of the cousins.  

Neighbors reported at least three shots shortly after 4:30  p.m. Sunday. Several people came outside and tried to help and comfort the victims as they waited for paramedics.

"They were holding the blood in so it wouldn't bleed out and they wouldn't lose a lot of blood," said teenager Saleai Polk who lives nearby.

One of the victims died at the scene and two others were taken to local hospitals where they were later pronounced dead, according to emergency responders.

Suspects charged in Rancho Cordova triple murder

SACRAMENTO, CA - Two men arrested in the murders of two teenagers and a 20-year-old man in Rancho Cordova Feb. 13 were arraigned in Sacramento County Superior Court Wednesday.

Juan Isidoro Aucencio, 24, and Francisco Ignacio Delgado, 20, were each charged with three counts of murder in the drive-by shootings of Jamir Miller, 15; Richard Ward, 16; and Robert Corpos, 20. The three were shot in broad daylight on Malaga Way. Corpos died on the scene. Miller and Ward were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Aucencio was also charged with using an assault weapon, an AK-47.

In addition, both suspects were charged with firing from a moving vehicle and having street gang ties.

Aucencio was represented by private counsel. The court appointed a private attorney to represent Delgado because the public defender's office said it did not have the resources to help him.

Rancho Cordova neighborhood prays for peace

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - Friends and neighbors gathered Sunday to help their Rancho Cordova neighborhood recover one week after a drive-by shooting that left two teenagers and one young adult dead in the street.

Victory Outreach organized a rally complete with live music at the intersection of La Loma Drive and Malaga Way, just down the block from where the three victims were killed a week earlier.

The rally included an  interfaith prayer service, with neighbors praying they'd see no more violence on their usually peaceful streets. Organizers said they hoped to help people recover from the shock of the killing, acknowledge their grief at the losses, and move forward peacefully.

Two arrested for Rancho Cordova triple murder

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento County Sheriff's Department arrested two men in connection to the murder of two teens and a man last Sunday.

Juan Isidoro Aucencio, 24, and Francisco Ignacio Delgado, 20, were arrested at their home in Sacramento County Saturday morning, said Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Jason Ramos.

Deputies responded to a shooting in Rancho Cordova on Feb. 13 where three people were shot. Robert Corpos, 20, died at the scene. Richard Ward, 16, and Jamir Miller, 15, were taken to the hospital, where they later died.

Detective also found a 1999 Saturn, which they believe was used in the shooting, said Ramos.